This application is my major solo project, I have worked on it for some time but it has now been published to the app store.

I wanted to make something on my own, and as I enjoy keeping my life organized, this idea came up. It gives me the freedom to learn new things according to what I'm trying to implement. These are the main functionalities provided (so far):

  • Customizable accounts, categories and tags
  • Creating budgets for expense control, for specific categories or tags
  • Account overview (charts for balance over time)
  • Visual in-depth analysis for category and tag spending
  • iCloud support for cross-device synchronization and data backup
  • Theming: dark mode, custom accent colors
Relevant Technologies
  • Core Data - storing all application data (and enable offline use)
  • CloudKit - syncing data across devices and backup functionality
  • User Defaults - storing user settings and other accessory information
  • Cocoapods - 'Charts' for generating beautiful charts for data analysis; 'UICircularProgressRing' for budget progress rings; 'Acknowlist' for acknowledgments page
Implementation Details
  • Built entirely with Swift
  • Follows the MVC architecture

Transaction History

Look through registered transactions, which can be expenses, incomes or transfers between accounts.

See the categories associated to each transaction, and quickly filter by account or date.

Monitor your Balance

See the evolution of your cashflow, for a better understanding of how much you're spending on a monthly basis.

You can also compare how you are doing to the previous year, to get a sense of how your finances are evolving.

Planned Spending

Create budgets to keep your spending in check. Easily monitor your expenses for specific categories or tags, while planning for weekly, monthly or yearly goals.

Simply register your expenses and get feedback on how you're doing according to the targets you set.

Spending Insights

Get a detailed representation of where your money is being spent, and understand which categories or tags are the ones which require your attention.

Use different chart types as per your preference, and quicly filter by expense type, dates or accounts.

iCloud Sync

iCloud can be used to provide a seamless experience across iOS devices, as well as provide a backup for when the app is installed on another device.

Simply enable this during the onboarding, or later in the Settings page, and you're ready to go.

Customized Experience

Because everyone has different needs, you can customize the app to your preference. Check out the features below to see what's possible.

Custom Icons and Colors

Customize categories, accounts and tags to your needs by giving them a unique representation.

Pick the icon or color that best fits what you're trying to represent from a vast library, categorized for your convenience. The icons are by Icons8.

Dark Mode

Because no modern app is complete without a dark mode, you can give the interface a different look, and save battery while doing it.

Accent Colors

Pick from a select group of accent colors to make the interface look just how you want it too.