This project is still ongoing.

The idea for this application emerged after having experience one too many spoils regarding some movie or tv show while reading in group chats.

The aim is to provide a place for people discuss at will with their friends any movie or show that they are currently watching. The following are the expected features after completion:

  • Create watchlists, to track a group of movies or shows to watch later
  • Collaborative watchlists, to enable a group viewing experience
  • Search for movies or shows
  • Create chatrooms to discuss a certain watchlist, movie or show
  • iPad support for a seamless experience in all devices
  • Dark theme support for devices running iOS 13 or up
Design Specs    Source Code
Relevant Technologies
  • REST Interface - API for Movies/Shows
  • Core Data - store all application data
  • Firebase: Auth - user accounts, login and account creation
  • Firebase: Firestore - business logic (chatrooms and messages, watchlists)
  • Firebase: Messaging + Cloud Functions - push notifications, database cleanup
Implementation Details
  • Built entirely with Swift
  • Follows the MVC architecture
  • Storyboard-based UI
  • Uses design patterns: coordinator, builder, singleton

Design - Watchlists

The Watchlist flow designed in Figma.

Create watchlists, see watchlist details and information, search for movies/shows and add them to your lists.

Design - Chatrooms

The Chatroom flow designed in Figma.

Create chatrooms based on a watchlist, or individual movies/shows. Then, chat with friends!

Design - User Account

The Login/Register flow designed in Figma.

Create an account, or login, to begin using the app.

App Demos

Short clips demonstrating how the app works.


Create a list for tracking movies or shows you want to watch. Mark them as watched as you go, to see your progress.


Select a topic (movie/show, watchlist) and chat with your friends about it. No community, just your friends.

Join Chatrooms

Chat with your friends by joining a chatroom. Have them share with you an Invite Code, and effortlessly join the conversation.

Chat with Friends

Enjoy a real-time chat with friends about a watchlist, movie or show you are watching together.

iPhone Screenshots

Detailed screens of the app being used.

iPad Screenshots

See how the CouchClub adapts to iPad.